Musculo Skeletal Disability

Loss or Deformity of Limbs
This may be due to birth defect or may occur due to diseases or accidents. The person may require an artificial limb to compensate the functional loss of activities.

Osteogensis Imperfecta
A defective development of the connective tissues at the growing age that leads to softening of bones and the affected person experiences deformed posture. The person is usually small built with brittle bones. The cause of this condition is unknown but there is a strong hereditary link to it. Such persons are usually active though may require a wheelchair or crutches for mobility.

Muscular Dystrophy 
Progressive loss of muscle strength due to a group of hereditary disorders. Muscles around the neck, shoulders and hips are usually more affected than the other muscle groups. Muscles of the respiratory system are also affected at a later stage. With time the affected person’s functional and mobility status deteriorates and may require a wheelchair for mobility.

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